Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Join the adventure in Dos Bocas Lake and beyond...

Ecotouristic Excursions

We offer three different trips:

  • Kayaking & Trekking Adventure in Dos Bocas Lake -
    Explore beyond the Dos Bocas lake in a kayaking adventure
    guided tour, entering the Rio Grande de Arecibo
    river , walking natural trails and refreshing yourself
    in natural waterfalls. $65/person.

    • Kayaking Adventure in Rio Limon - Exciting kayaking adventure through Dos Bocas Lake and Rio Limón. Refresh in an exciting waterfall and enjoy the birwatching ( pelicans, egrets and more) while kayaking back to the lake.

                                                • Rio Abajo Forest Trekking Adventure
                                                  Explore the nature trails through the forest, home to the Amazona vitata vitata (the Puerto Rican parrot , an endangered species). Discover exciting caves and other karst formations. Excellent place for birdwatcher lovers. $35/ person. (group mín. 4)

                                                Thursday, April 16, 2009

                                                Who we Are???

                                                Aventuras Ecoturísticas en el Archipiélago Puertorriqueño Inc. (AEAP), an ecotourism corporation dedicated to promote the regional economy through the conservation and sustainable use of our natural resources.

                                                Our excursions are based in the educational and ethical principles of ecotourism: promoting
                                                protection of the valuable natural and cultural resources that we found in the town of Utuado.

                                                We offer an excellent service and our guides will assist you through the excursion.

                                                Reserve your space now...
                                                We are waiting for you!

                                                Welcome friends!!!

                                                We welcome you to our blog and invite you to explore beyond the shore, the natural treasures that Puerto Rico and Utuado has to offer. We also invite you to suggest or comment about the topics presented in this blog, which are going to be around tha conservation of our natural resources and the better practices for sustainable tourism.